Find the Peace and Moksha for your Mother's soul

Hindu pilgrimage Bindusarovar is only the famous Temples in India for Moksha of Mother Soul



When it comes to Matrugaya or Matru Tarpan, The Bindusarovar pilgrimage which is located in Siddhapur village of Gujarat state in India is taken the first name as it is the only place in the whole world to perform Matru Tarpan and “Pind Daan”.

Matrugaya and Pithrugaya is a Hindu ritual performed to ensure peace and salvation for the ancestors and is performed with great respect and devotion. It is said that by performing Matrugaya and mother’s Pind dan, a son frees his mother from her debt. According to Hindu tradition, Siddhapur, also known as Matrugaya Tirtha, and its pilgrimage site Bindusarovar are famous as a place where a son can repay his mother’s debt by ritually performing Matru Shraddha.

When it comes to the tarpan and shraddha of the deceased, especially the deceased mother and other dead women of the family, it’s considered Gaya. The procedures here remind you of the names of your deceased family members and friends. During the puja, the priest or his fellow priest tells you the names of your family ancestors whom you have never met in person.

The head priest of BinduSarovar comes from a Hindu Brahmin family, who have been providing services at BinduSarovar for generations. He is traditionally trained and has also acquired his knowledge and skills through independent study, and has detailed knowledge of the various steps involved in important worship services. He may chant special slokas and mantras for various pujas, which may be in Sanskrit or vernacular.

The chief priest of Bindusarovar is available to perform religious services for his hosts on the premises of Bindusarovar as well as in their homes, rented halls, and other temples.

Every family of the Hindu community can avail of our services on any special occasion of their life such as Marriage, Mundan, Yajnopaveet Sanskar, Hom-havan, Bhumipoojan, Gruh Pravesh, Satya Narayana Puja Namkarana ritual and especially the Matrugaya ritual and so on.

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