Our Story

Who we are

Since the last TWELVE GENERATIONS, we Vyas family has provided all kinds of religious and ceremonial services at Bindusarovar Matrugaya Pilgrimage located in Siddhapur, Uttar Gujarat, India. We are Appointed as the Chief Priest of Bindusarovar by the government of Gujarat. We have expertise in performing all kinds of Auspicious, Planetary, and, Ancestor worship and rituals. we perform Hom Havan, Religious worship, Marriage ceremony, Janoi Sanskar, Namkaran Sanskar, Bhoomi Pujan, Gruh Pravesh, Navgrah shanti worship Satya Narayana Katha, and all other types of worship and Rituals properly and professionally. Especially MATRU TARPAN RITUAL, in which we have proficiency.

Our Mission

To live up to the host's expectations and maintain their trust.

The most important thing for us is our host’s trust in us. It is always our endeavor that people come to this Bindusarovar Teerthdham with great expectations to perform their various types of pujas, especially when it comes to the worship and Pind Daan of their decided mother, and in such a situation, this Teerthdham named Bindusarovar is only the place in the entire world for the salvation of their mother soul then the devotees come here with a mindset and great hope that the entire ritual of Pinddaan and Shraddha Tarpan of their ancestors, mainly their dead mother will be performed at this place devotionally and in a proper manner. , And the soul of his dead mother will get salvation. Our sole aim is to live up to their expectations and maintain their trust and we always want them to leave satisfied when they complete their puja.

Our Vision


Apart from providing religious, planetary appeasement, or Pind Daan worship services, we also make other necessary arrangements for our hosts as per their budget. Our other services include arranging their accommodation, transportation, and food, etc. We provide this arrangement, especially for those hosts who come from remote areas or remote villages or from abroad. Our objective behind providing these services is that people who come here intending to perform worship can complete their rituals without worrying about making other arrangements for themselves and their families. For us, the success and satisfaction of our host's work is our success and merit.

Call us for any additional services needed along with Worship Ritual.