As a Chief Priest of the Bindu Sarovar Temple, we are available to the families of our host devotees to conduct religious services in their homes, rented halls, or in the temple. Please review the list of services below for a list of the worship services we provide.

We request that the devotees take maximum advantage of our services and get their worship done well. we have been providing religious services since the last 12th generation at the Bindu Sarovar pilgrimage as Chief Priest. We have immense experience in the Hindu religion’s rituals and worship. We provide the rituals and worship services for all the people of the Hindu sect.


(Shubh Puja) Auspicious worship ritual

in Hindu Religious the puja that is performed on any auspicious good occasion, after some success, before starting a new venture, before moving to a new house, on the arrival of a new member in the family, or for seeking blessings from the almighty, it is called the auspicious worship ritual.

Navgrah Shanti Puja 123

(Shanti Puja) Planetary worship ritual

Planetary worship ritual is performed in Hinduism for two reasons. One is to remove negativity from home or business places which is called Vaastu Dosh, and the other one is to remove the bad effects of that specific planet or position shown in the horoscope as per Hindu astronomy.

Pind Daan-Matrugaya

(Shraddh KarmaAncestors’ worship ritual

Ancestor worship is one of the pillars of Hinduism upon which Asian civilizations rest. Ancestor worship Which is done to get blessings from family ancestors for a fulfilling life and free the ancestral soul from suffering. It’s believe that performing these religious activities their ancestors get relieved from the cycle of birth and death and they attain salvation.

Other services 2

Other Services

To Completing stress free Worship event of our host we also provide the services such as a accommodation, Transportation and Food as per the their budgets. To host that availing such services they must have to inform us in advance.

Following is the List of religious Services provided by us

Auspicious worship ritual

Planetary worship ritual

Ancestors' worship ritual

We also provide other services which are as follows

To avail of these services please call us OR submit the inquiry form by selecting the specific services.